Learning about the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution is something that every member will enjoy and find interesting.  New members will learn to love, respect, and honor their membership.  They will feel proud of the goals and accomplishments of the society while setting their own objectives to serve and become life- long members.   The Members Course is a perfect way for experienced members to acquire more knowledge about DAR so that they can continue to serve and meet the goals of our society.

This course is a National program which is administered at the Texas Society level by State Coordinator, Jane Doclar.

The TXDAR Members Course provides an opportunity for new and experienced members to explore what DAR is all about and guide them in becoming an active DAR member! It is a wonderful way to learn about the variety of programs and projects focused on historic preservation, education and patriotism that members can become involved with in their local chapters and their communities.

It provides members with the opportunity to meet other DAR members and form lifelong friendships. This free, self-guided curriculum consists of a series of online webinars, in-person activities, and an individual project.

Course Format

Learning Adventures: Online webinars are viewed followed by some questionnaires.

A. Required: 23 online webinars that explore the DAR Members Website and consist of DAR videos on YouTube
B. Electives: 12 online webinars are chosen from four categories: General, DAR Mission, Genealogy & Online Projects, and Juniors

Meetings/ Tours/ Activities (MTAs): 3 (overall, not for each category) are required for course completion. These are in-person opportunities to participate in local, State, and National events. All MTAs must take place after the participant has been registered for the course. Forms are completed to describe each MTA event.

Suggestions are provided to course participants, for example:

A. Meetings: Continental Congress, State Conference, Fall Forum, or District Workshops
B. Tours: The TWU TXDAR First Ladies Dress Collection; TXDAR Patriot Monument at Texas State Cemetery; TXDAR Plaza of Liberty in McAllen
C. Activities: Greet veterans returning from Honor Flights; attend a President’s Day or George Washington Birthday tea; deliver food/ host a meal at a local Fisher House or Camp Hope; Independence Day, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day Parades; so many additional opportunities are available in your community and around Texas.

Independent Project: The Members Course Independent Project is intended to get members actively involved in DAR and should be fun and educational for the participant, as well as beneficial to the chapter. It doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. All project ideas must be approved by the State Coordinator before the project has commenced. All projects must take place after the participant has been registered for the course. Projects could include participating in one of the online NSDAR projects, like the Patriot Records Project or paging at State Conference. A list of suggested ideas for Independent Projects can be found at https://www.dar.org/sites/default/files/members/committees/membership/NewMember/7M_5I1%20Independent%20Project%20Ideas.pdf

Timeline: The TXDAR Members Course is geared to be completed over six months.

Two prerequisites: 1. Active member of DAR 2. Active subscription to the DAR magazine, American Spirit.

To register for the TXDAR Members Course, please send an email containing the Texas Daughter’s name, chapter, and National number to the Members Course State Coordinator Jane Doclar at TXDARNewMembers@gmail.com with the subject line “Members Course Registration.”


  1. 25% or more of a chapter’s members graduated from the Members Course
  2. 100% of a chapter’s executive board graduated from the Members Course AND the Chapter Regent and at least one other board member graduated from the New Horizons Course


Ideas for Encouraging All Members to take the Members Course

  1. When welcoming new members provide a packet with chapter information plus information about the Members Course
  2. Announce periodically at chapter meetings information about the Members Course
  3. When a member has started or completed the Members Course invite the member to speak about the course at a chapter meeting
  4. Advertise the Members Course in the chapter newsletter
  5. Plan the chapter training of members with inclusion of information about the Members Course


Clicking on the committee below will load an article about the Independent Project of a Members Course graduate, a picture, and an idea for a chapter to meet the goals of that committee:

Community Classroom Committee

DAR Project Patriot Committee

DAR Good Citizen Committee